The Roydamndiculous.com became active on December 21, 2012. The idea is to make and share music. I'm not trying to be perfect and polished, just trying to make some honest and interesting music while trying to get the most out of the equipment. You have an almost infinite number of musical choices, but there's no one else so roydamndiculous.


A true natural musical tone is the goal. The warm saturation of a Messa amp and the twang of a Fender Twin. The clear jangle of an acoustic guitar and a good wack of the kick drum. That's what I'm talking about. I'm getting closer all the time. You have to have a good sounding track to have a good sounding song. But sticking a microphone in front of tube amp that ends up converting to binary bits in a digital recorder is a bit of a contradiction. Technology is a big part of the equation and it makes my music possible here on the Internet. There is no avoiding it or a reason to avoid it. The power of the technology in the modern home studio dwarfs that of the finest studios from the 1960s and 1970s. And it goes far beyond the actual music, it's the delivery of the music that's also a revolution. A song can go from the musician straight to the audience, without any middlemen. But a home studio is worthless unless the material is worth recording and you have to have decent recording techniques. Hopefully, you will find both the songs and sound quality enjoyable. 


Roydamndiculous is obviously guitar oriented. Guitar is my first and primary instrument. But over the years I picked up bass, drums and some keyboard. Once I'm ready to record, I layer track upon track, typically starting with the guitar tracks and finishing a song with the vocals and harmonies. I sometimes end up with fourteen separate parts within a single song. I love how a band might leak out an alternate version of a song so sometimes I'll put out my own roydamndiculous alternates. Besides the full version, you might find an all acoustic version or an all instrumental version. You never know what you might find, so try them all. You will find some older tracks that were originally recorded on analog tape the later mastered digitally.  The newest efforts begin with the digital audio workstation called Reaper, an excellent alternative to Protools. 


Roydamndiculous is about original music from folk rock to hard rock. Sometimes the songs take a few years to finish other times they come out pretty quick. It takes time for one guy to write, record, mix, master and upload it all. Everything begins analog into a digital stand-alone DAW. It gets mixed down from there into a WAV file. The mixdown then gets mastered using Reaper or Audacity with several solid plug-ins. When you don't have to answer to a studio schedule or a record executive,  I suppose that could be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. The mp3 versions are free for anyone to download and they are of high quality. Don't ask for CDs since none are available right now. Perhaps I will produce some in the future, but why buy a CD when you can get the mp3 free.



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